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Limitation of HTTP requests to improve the speed of your site

The time it takes to load Web sites depends on many factors. Let us pay attention to the beginning of web page elements – images, stylesheets, scripts, flash animations and more. The reduction of these elements decreases and the number of HTTP requests that are necessary to display the page on a user’s browser.

A good way to reduce the number of items is as simplify the design of the site. But how do you create websites with rich content and a short time to download. Here are some techniques to reduce the number of HTTP requests, while not violating the uniqueness of your web page.

Combined file is a good method to achieve our objectives. For example, we can put all the CSS styles cascades in single file, or if possible get javascript source code also provides a minimum number of files.

Use CSS techniques to visualize individual graphic plots on your web page, using intelligent ideas and background-image background-position. For example, using an image pre-planned and well constructed for the purpose of your favorite graphic software, you can create separate boxes and parts of your website.

Make sure the graphics on your pages are optimized maximum. Often JPG image can be reduced quality (quality) without any visible and have influence. Carefully consider whether to create an image in GIF format or JPG. A simple logo or banner can be tens of times smaller size if you save it in GIF format. By analogy with the reduction of quality in JPG format, try to reduce the number of colors in your GIF image. Often 64 (or even less) colors are sufficient instead of 256.

Most of your users, visit your site first and browsers are not cached your website. Most Internet surfers use the default settings of your web browser. In these settings described, the so-called “cache” of the browser is active. These options allow the web browser to copy a large part of the websites that users open, the local hard drive of your computer. When the user goes back into a site, the browser loads it apparently much faster. This is due Caching. However, in cases where the visitor to your site first, you need to prepare a good speed for download.