What to do when your site does not rank well in Google

Article written by SEO Autopilot – Software for Search Engine Optimization Marketers

Online business is often confronted with the question of what action to take when a site does not rank well in results in Google. In the article, we will describe how to increase your search engine rankings and therefore increase traffic to your website.

What is the motivation for Google to rank your website?

Over the years, many webmaster and owners of websites have expressed their discontent with their Google rankings, even going as far as suing Google in the court of law. But the truth is that Google is not interested in catering to the needs and desires of the webmasters who want to be on the top page of Google search results. Google is interested in their shareholders and the acquisition of profits. So to make sure people continue to use Google as their preferred search engine, and therefore there are more eyes on the paid advertisements that Google displays, Google will always try to show the most relevant websites (to the searched keywords) at the top of their results pages…and just because someone wants their website to rank for a keyword doesn’t always mean it’s more relevant than other pages. Read More