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What to do when your site does not rank well in Google

Article written by SEO Autopilot – Software for Search Engine Optimization Marketers

Online business is often confronted with the question of what action to take when a site does not rank well in results in Google. In the article, we will describe how to increase your search engine rankings and therefore increase traffic to your website.

What is the motivation for Google to rank your website?

Over the years, many webmaster and owners of websites have expressed their discontent with their Google rankings, even going as far as suing Google in the court of law. But the truth is that Google is not interested in catering to the needs and desires of the webmasters who want to be on the top page of Google search results. Google is interested in their shareholders and the acquisition of profits. So to make sure people continue to use Google as their preferred search engine, and therefore there are more eyes on the paid advertisements that Google displays, Google will always try to show the most relevant websites (to the searched keywords) at the top of their results pages…and just because someone wants their website to rank for a keyword doesn’t always mean it’s more relevant than other pages.

How important is the search in Google

About 80% of all online searches around the world are carried out through Google and the remaining 20% is shared between Yahoo, MSN, Windows Live and other smaller search engines.

Tips for ranking specific keywords

  1. Experienced specialists in SEO site optimization for search engines indicate that it is easier to rank a site in Yahoo, then Bing and the toughest is Google.
  2. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to rank a popular single keyword such as ‘software’ at the top of Google. These words are way too competitive and are likely to be dominated by dictionary type sites like Wikipedia, so it’s best to focus on longer keywords for your rankings!
  3. To rank well in the results you need to working getting incoming links to your site with various targeted keywords used as the link text. However, do not make the mistake of having all of your back links being hyperlink with keywords, you also need to have more generic type words being used as links e.g. click here, read more, more information, etc.
  4. Using a variety of keyword phrases instead of single words have a much greater influence in the classification in different words, so traffic to the web site is varied. For example, we achieved better results than if you aim at the only word for which we have captured partisanship, expand the key target with accounting software, software maintenance, office software and other phrases that Internet users search Search.
  5. Ultimately, consumers avoid these days to make searches for a single popular keyword because they learned that reach an impasse, where after millions of search results seen by very many web sites containing the word search – news sites, forums calls to users, blogs and journals of ordinary consumers and much more.
  6. If you want to rank well in search engine results and have already finished with your website, you must remember that much time will pass until you see your desired results.

While targeting links to your web site launched to improve its ranking and position, can not once feel disappointed and discouraged.

At the same time, your competitors have the same order and must overcome them. And since only ten of you may be on the first page in Google, have put very many resources and labor. Do not forget that after you reach the top, you should keep these results because your site can be shifted, just as you have replaced your other competitor.

There are key phrases that are almost impossible to rank in the top positions, even if you have really deep pockets. Such as are searches in the financial industry and most business sectors in providing services and products. Competition in this industry is fierce, so achieving the highest position, is soft speaking difficult.

This is the reason why many SEO experts advise businessmen to seek ranking search phrases of 4 or even 5 keywords, where the classification is relatively easier than searches for phrases of two keywords.

Trend is now developing the SEO strategy following some flexible innovative specialists in site optimization for search engines:
A list of many phrases – to about 100. During the long period of time, provide multiple connections that include all the various keywords and phrases from the list. After a certain period is an analysis which keyword phrases are the most powerful and successful and the list shall be reviewed and made unsuccessful filtering words. Then emphasizes the link to those words that are most strong. After a period of time and repeat the analysis focusing on labor and resources to the most successful keyword ranking.

How to have links to our website

Always face the question of where to find more links to our websites.

Marketing articles strategy is very timely today for extraction of links to a web site. You need good resources where you can post a good article containing links to your pages. Many sites now offer such services as publish your material.

After the new changes to the algorithm of Google, today of the new items are added to a priority ranking in the results. Thus, when new material on your site, it will rank well, but after some time will cease.
Each page begins its life with zero rank, but after some time, placing the links between pages will increase the overall rating. Very important for your site, to ensure regular publication of new materials and articles, to “keep the fire” in Google. Thus, over time, your site will begin to gradually emerged in the top search results with more variants of search words and phrases.

What to do when you need results now

If you just can not wait as long as is necessary to build good results in a natural way, then you should seriously look at paid advertising models, such as those offered by Google Adwords (Sponsored Links on Google) and Bing Search Marketing program.