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Redirecting Your Website

This article tells you how to redirect a website or web page to another domain location or page:

Purpose for use:

• You are using optimizing the index.html page for search engines
• A web page no longer exists so you are redirecting it to a new page.
• Directing a domain to a .com (multiple domains to one)
• Passing search engine rankings from old site to new one

You just created a new website but want to pass on the search engine rankings of the old one to the new one. What is the most effective and spider/visitor friendly method? You should use a 301 redirect.

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Limitation of HTTP requests to improve the speed of your site

The time it takes to load Web sites depends on many factors. Let us pay attention to the beginning of web page elements – images, stylesheets, scripts, flash animations and more. The reduction of these elements decreases and the number of HTTP requests that are necessary to display the page on a user’s browser.

A good way to reduce the number of items is as simplify the design of the site. But how do you create websites with rich content and a short time to download. Here are some techniques to reduce the number of HTTP requests, while not violating the uniqueness of your web page. Read More